[NTLK] Package initialization problem

From: Alex Strilets (astrilet_at_hiqsoft.com)
Date: Fri Mar 22 2002 - 10:22:14 EST

I am new newton user and just recently swithched from using palm pilot.
First, let me say that newton is way better organaizer than Palm, to begin
with you will not loose any data if your battery dies.
Now, yesterday, I installed some software on my newton and it was probably
designed for earlier version, so I get error message saying that this
package can not be initialized blah, blah, blah.... Well so be it. But I
had to restart my newton and this message appears again. So apparently
package is sitting somewher, trying to be initialized, but where is it?
It is not in "Unfiled Icons" ? Where can I find and kill it?

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