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Date: Sun Mar 31 2002 - 08:34:38 EST

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> Am 31.3.2002 14:24 Uhr schrieb "Kent Jonsson" unter <>:
>> That tip was good, I do have Route66...
> I got an elder version of R66 w/o GPS support only. :-(
>> Yes, I did choose the Serial port, and the LEDs on my tester lighted up.
> The serport tester might consume to much current and you'll have to remove
> it in order to work properly with the GPS. Another question is what LEDs
> lit. There'll always some light and some not, also if the cable is crossed
> when it shouldn't be. The wiring scheme give by Gerd Staudenmaier worked for
> me and you should check it with your cable. Normally the GPS is a data end
> terminal and has Tx and Rx swapped in order to use a straight cable to
> connect to a computer like the Newton is. You can verify this by adding a
> Null Modem adaptor (crossing of Rx w/ Tx as well as all handshake lines).
> Unfortunately the Null Modems are usually DB25 and you'll need several other
> adapters to convert somehow from Mini8 to whatever your GPS has and having
> DB25 somewhere too. And finally you'll have to figure out what each adapter
> does. There are DB9 to DB25 adaptors which to crossing... It's a nightmare.

I did try it w/o the tester, no difference.
Also, with the adapter the GPS transmits on pin 3 (RxD), and the handshake
LEDs goes away if I choose another port (ir, Pccard...).



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