NTLK Smackdown! (eMate vs. 2x00)

From: Andy Pasulka (anp@imaxx.net)
Date: Sun May 07 2000 - 06:32:19 CDT

Reposted to list, as it doesn't appear in Victor's otherwise up-to-date
archives of NTLK messages. Apologies if this is a duplicate message.

From: Andy Pasulka <anp@imaxx.net>
Date: Wed, 03 May 2000 05:04:11 -0500
To: <newtontalk@planetnewton.com>
Subject: Smackdown! (eMate vs. 2x00)

I have a 120/2.0, and I think I'd like to put money into a better handheld
than more upgrades for my desktop Mac. Which should I get, an eMate or 2x00?

Currently I use my 120 for my dates/names/shopping lists, and a little
gaming while my wife drives. I'd like to add mobile internet connectivity, a
backlight, and a keyboard. I'm leaning towards eMate, so that I can have the
keyboard without a cable to keep track of. Those of you who have used eMate
and 2x00, which do you prefer?

Since I don't have any money to spend *right now*, it's an academic
question, but I'm looking for a compelling reason to get some dough


Saladware Punk

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