From: James Simons (
Date: Fri Sep 01 2000 - 09:59:59 CDT

mark wrote:
> the thing is HEAVY.

Six ounces is heavy!? A typical Palm is 4 oz. I don't see the weight
problem. Are you comparing an iPAQ with a PC card sleeve and 802.11
wireless card inserted? Well, then yes, it will weigh much more then... but
then that's comparing apples and oranges isn't it?

Here on NTLK we should probably be comparing it to a Newton, not Palm. The
decision Newton owners are faced with is not whether an iPAQ is better than
a Palm, right? Being used to a MP2100 makes the iPAQ VERY LIGHT.


personally, i think it's just this side of fecal matter... 6OZ+ of feces...
and, if you read "comp.sys.handhelds", you would see that there are quite a
few new owners that are angry about them.. a bunch of problems with them..
and, Compaq isn't fixing them..

and, i'm really tired of hearing that it has HWR that is like the Newton..
this is a load of excrement, prepetuated by PEN COMPUTING.. (hate them now..
ms pandering..)

the Newton is a *PEN CENTRIC* OS.. where WinCE/PocketPC IS NOT... this basic
fact is never taken into consideration.. CE's *NEW-AND-IMPROVED!!* HWR is
not in the OS, but sitting on top of it.. there is a reason that the Newton
has the best HWR, still today.. and, the HWR that is in the PocketPCs is
from Calligrapher (owned by VADIM)..

it is not Rosetta.. nor is it like Rosetta..

IMHO, Calligrapher is another fine piece of coder's excrement..

and, even if Compaq has produced handheld hardware that is capable of
running linux, the iPAQ has hardware problems.. (e.g. bad screens, dust
problems, button/speaker problems etc..)

the only linux based product that i am waiting for are the WebSlates.. these
are the only thing that i can see that could possibly take the place of the

            if you wanna eschew the neatness or viabilty of PocketPCs, there
are quite a few
            WinCE newsgroups to lurk/post to.. i'm really sick of WinCE..
and hearing about
            how cool they are... this is a NTLK, not a WinCE group..


this was not an attempt at curtailing speech.. rather, just an opinion on my
views on the evil in handhelds today..

thanks, and "Keep the Green"..


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