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Date: Fri Feb 02 2007 - 16:32:32 EST

> William Pociengel wrote:
> > Brian wrote:
> >> Good site - but please check your spelling!
> >> (Hint - see line 2)
> >
> > and for those for whom English is not their primary language the line:
> >
> > the system alive until Apple get there acts together and launch a new
> > Newton. With this
> >
> > should be:
> > the system alive until Apple gets their act together and launches a new
> > Newton. With this
> "Get", not "gets".

In America, corporation names are treated as singular, same as a person. In
Europe they are considered plural.

  I hope Mary gets her act togeter

  I hope the Chinese get their act together

In America: until Apple gets their act together

In Europe: until Apple get their act together

Know what happens when an American eating at an Engish restaraunt asks for
a napkin? Or when the mechanic asks him to lift his bonnet? So many
opportunities for misunderstanding; the trick is not to dwell on it.

Gary Dunn
MP110, MP2100

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