Re: [NTLK] Formatting & Erasing Linear Flash Cards

From: James Wages <>
Date: Tue Aug 05 2008 - 00:15:46 EDT

On 8/5/08 12:28 PM, "L.W. Brown" <> wrote:
> you could erase/format the blank card in your Newt

How? As I stated in my previous post, I cannot do so when I insert the card
with the Prefs open.

On 8/5/08 12:49 PM, "Sonny Hung" <> wrote:
> It could be that there is some corruption
> in the data that is preventing the
> card fro being readable. When copied
> and re-written down to the card is
> still present.

But as I said previously, I could erase the card on the PC, then write the
test.bin file back to the card, and the MCE software then ran a verification
routine. The verification routine showed the checksums of the bin file and
after the file was written. They matched. If the data written back to the
card had write errors (i.e., if the PC could not in fact write to the card),
then the checksums should be different and the write should have failed.

So in light of this, I am very confused. The tests on the PC shows the card
to be good!

But again, I cannot mount the card on either of my friends PCs because they
both lack that "PCMCIA and Flash memory devices" device driver. I guess if
someone could extract that particular driver from their Windows PCs and
email that to me, telling me in what directory to put it, I could try that.
But I am going to guess that all that would do would allow me to just mount
the card on the PC, which doesn't help my Newton.

Any further thoughts?

Thank you!

James Wages

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