Re: [NTLK] Formatting & Erasing Linear Flash Cards

From: John Broughton <>
Date: Tue Aug 05 2008 - 00:16:05 EDT

This from "PDA/HPC Data Storage"

"Linear Flash Cards - A Linear Flash card is accessed as a list of addresses for data. Linear Flash Cards are available in 2mb, 4mb, and 8mb sizes. (added: now much larger available) The Linear Flash cards do not have a battery. All information is stored permanently at the time it is written. Intel is the leading manufacturer of Linear Flash cards. Each Linear Flash card is formatted differently, although there is a standard for PC cards called Microsoft Flash File format. These cards are compatible with the Apple Newton and Sharp Zaurus, but each has a different format. These cards are not compatible with the Casio Zoomer, HP100/200LX or the HP OmniGo 100.

In order to use any compatible PC card in the Newt, that card must first be readable on that Newt first. In other words, the Newt must recognize it. After it's recognized, it can be erased and used by the Newt. I know. It's a Catch 22 type of thing. It is just barely possible that if you can find a really old PC laptop that does use the 16 bit 5 volt PC slot and uses a really old OS, such as DOS 6, you might be able to format the card in Microsoft Flash Format, but I doubt it. The fact that your friends older PC laptop can read the data on the card is no indication that it can set up that card to work in a Newt. Most 5 volt cards are readable in 3.3 volt PC slots but, as you found out, they are not writable. Bottom line, if you have other cards that are readable in the Newt, it would not be a good idea to test or format them in a Mac or PC.

As usual, others may have better information but this is what I've found.

Good luck.



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