Re: [NTLK] MP2100 Screen Brightness

From: Dan <>
Date: Mon Aug 18 2008 - 22:54:01 EDT

On 8/18/2008 10:08 PM, Kostas Theofilis wrote:
> On 19 Aug 2008, at 01:55, T-na Tran wrote:

> Without backlight, the screen is not quite readable indoors. In most
> devices of this kind, the screen is readable usually under sunlight
> and not under artificial light.
> Kostas

Very true, although it depends on your lighting. I have noticed with
office type lighting with the florescent tubes, I can read my Newt quite
well even without backlight. Now in a room with one 60 watt
incandescent bulb...that is another story. If you don't want to use the
backlight in those kinds of situations, get a mini-mag light with a LED
upgrade and a head strap (about $15 total for the upgrade). Although
the original bulb do work well (but the upgrade is brighter and takes
less battery power).

Granted this would only be good in situations where you were using at
perlonged time, like reading a book or a lot of data entry. But it is a
method that works if you don't want to use your backlight.


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