Re: [NTLK] Dead CF Card

From: James Fraser <>
Date: Thu Dec 11 2008 - 00:42:05 EST


--- On Wed, 12/10/08, John Broughton <> wrote:

> The Newton uses a different file format for storage on an
> external card and these cards cannot be read on a PC or a
> Mac using any utility I've ever seen. In addition, the
> card itself is a "flash" card and not the more
> common "Compact Flash" cards and, again, cannot be
> read on a PC or Mac.

I understand that a Mac or PC is unable able to read the information stored on a particular flash card that has been formatted in a Newton due to the unique file format that the Newton uses.

What I'm not clear on is: is it possible for a Mac or PC to determine how many read/write cycles a particular *Linear* Flash card has already undergone *before* the card is formatted in a Newton?

I ask because I long ago bought some Linear Flash cards purchased from sellers whose last name was not "Gruendel." As a result, I have linear flash cards on hand and no idea where they happen to be in terms of service life. From what I can gather, the only way of determining if a card has reached its maximum number of read/write for it to die on you.

But I'd love to be wrong. Anyone?


James Fraser

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