Re: [NTLK] DCL and Escale

From: June Tate <>
Date: Sun Apr 02 2006 - 01:38:38 EST

On Apr 1, 2006, at 4:37 PM, June Tate wrote:
> Hey All,
> I've been playing around with my newly acquired 2100 lately and I've


> on my system, but every time I tell the 2100 to connect it
> immediately crashes Escale.

Well, after only hearing responses saying essentially "use something
else," getting hooked on Escale's functionality (plus gooey
interface! ^,^) and after reading the thread from Paul Guyot about
DCL's unsupported state, I've decided to put my software engineering
skills to work and start hacking to see if I can figure out why it's
crashing and so on. This is not to say I'm taking up the torch of
"supporting DCL" -- just that I'm going to try to see if I can get
some of these bugs that are blocking /my/ current use of the whole
setup (DCL/Escale) solved. Maybe in the process it'll modernize it a
bit and make it a viable platform again. As Open Source Software
hackers are often fond of saying, I'm scratching my personal itch
with the software.

Paul, if you're still reading this list, I have a few questions that
aren't answered anywhere:

   - Where is the bug tracker that you used to have up at <http://>?
     If possible, I'd like to see what outstanding bugs are/were
still open that
     could use some love.

   - The K libs from SourceForge CVS HEAD Xcode project reference
UExpatUtils.cp from
     your personal home directory and don't seem to be present in the
CVS repository
     -- what are these, and where can I get them? I'm afraid K won't
compile without

   - The DCL CVS HEAD is missing the Xcode project entirely -- is
this available
     from somewhere else, or am I stuck using Jam to build it with?

   - Escale can't build because K can't build, and DCL doesn't have
an Xcode project
     file to point Escale's Xcode project to. In short, I can't get
anything to compile
     right now, so the source at the moment is useless unless I start
auditing the
     code and figuring out the missing pieces (not exactly something
I'm interested
     in at the moment -- I'd much rather get deep into the code and
start fixing bugs
     rather than mess around with build systems).

While I can understand why you've made this code open source and left
it unsupported, I'm afraid the code may be mostly useless without
some answers to these problems. I, like you, have a day job and other
projects that absorb most of my free time, so I'd like to try to
focus on writing/fixing code rather than messing around with build
systems. Any light you can shed on these questions would be greatly
appreciated. Thanks! ^,^

June Tate-Gans
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