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Date: Sun Sep 20 2009 - 21:57:30 EDT

Well after apples more recent Epic Fail track record I have no faith in any of their current or rumored product lines! Iphone locked to att? Epic Fail! Macbook without firewire after apple pushed it so hard? Epic Fail! with betrayal for extra points! Snow leopard without at least G5 ppc support? Epic Fail! And betrayal points again for the G5/Intel debacle in general... iPod shuffle with no buttons and still no display? Epic Fail! Marginal iphone 3G/3GS upgrades? Epic Fail! Marginal 3G iPod touch 'upgrade' with no camera, no MIC, and not even an FM or HD radio? Epic FAIL! iPod nano with video camera but no still photo option? Epic Fail! (here comes a flood of dumb tween youtube videos at bad resolution to drown out any real content left, everybody thank uncle Steve) Still no netbook, tablet or upsized iPod touch? Epic Fail! Apples practically endorsing hackintosh netbooks, the (well reviewed) Zune HD, jailbreaking iphones, and sticking with your older ppc Macs & Newtons. When I got my first personal Mac in
 2002 I watched apple events with faith that great new products were going to be announced, now I just watch them like a train wreck in slow motion :-( I'm very disappointed with apple, they can seem to come up with a good idea but can't seem to carry it after the first version because they don't want to do the logical improvements people want and ask for, they try to always come up with some revolutionary crap and when that fails in R&D they finally give us the simple stuff we wanted a year ago but not what we're asking for today so most of us are pissed off that it took then a year to finally implement the features we wanted and we're even more pissed off they haven't done the current features we want, especially while Microsoft is shipping products/features that customers have actually asked for like zune hd & xbox 360 plus closing the os gap (windows 7).
Sorry for the rant I'm just really angry with apple over their dumb choices because they want to try an innovate with everything... And don't listen to what we want. Maybe I need counselling (lol) or a Zune HD (LOL)

Joe Reilly
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Hi Montgomery,

Please don't get me wrong...I have plenty of faith. Honestly, I do. This
board rekindles it daily. In fact.....

I'm gathering the serial numbers from all of my Newts just so I can register
them. :D

I love the idea of everyone here registering too. It's akin to all the
Newton owners at an Apple news conference holding up there "Bricks". A
"THPPPFFFF" to Steve. :D

Who cares how far up the food chain it goes, it'll be fun to send the
message. What do you think all?


Stefan Thorsteinson

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O Yee of Little Faith

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